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GE Factory

Journeys of Discovery: Old GE Factory gets new life in Fort Wayne

2019 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery


The General Electric factory in downtown Fort Wayne used to be the economic heart of the town. It employed over 40% of the city’s population during its heyday. But today it sits empty, a crumbling reminder of a once-prosperous industry. 

Correspondent Rebecca Nolan talks with developer Kevan Biggs about his plans to breath new life into an abandoned General Electric factory.

The City that Saved Itself

Journeys of Discovery: Fort Wayne - the city that saved itself

2019 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery

Journeys associate producer Rebecca Nolan reports from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she learns about how the city is returning to its rivers and revitalizing downtown.

The St. Joseph, St. Marys and Maumee rivers are the reason the city was founded. The place where Fort Wayne sits today used to be called Kekionga, the Miami tribe's largest village. When Europeans came to the area in the 17th century, the place where the three rivers met became an important trading post...

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Bell Island


From mine closure to reinvention: A story of Bell Island Newfoundland


2017 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery

 From 1895 to 1966 Bell Island was one of the world’s largest suppliers of iron ore. In the spring of 1966 the mines were closed for good, devastating the island’s economy. In the late 1990’s Bell Island turned to tourism as a way to revitalize its economy.

Associate Producer Rebecca Nolan visits with Teresita McCarthy, manager of the Bell Island Mine Tour and Museum, and Gordon Scanes, a retired electrician who worked in the mines as a young man.


Newfoundland's cod moratorium: empty nets and broken promises

2017 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery

Newfoundland is an island that has always been defined by fishing. The first settlers came over from England and Ireland to harvest the seemingly boundless supplies of cod that inhabited the grand banks. 

But in the 90s cod had been fished to the brink of extinction and so the government called a moratorium on all  cod fishing.  Ending a way of life that had defined the island for over 400 years. 


Journeys correspondent Rebecca Nolan spoke with fisherman Leo Hearn of Petty Harbour about what the Moratorium did to him and his community.

Fishing for Success: Making the girls of Newfoundland and the future of the fishery

2017 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery

Could women be the future of the Newfoundland fishery? 

Kimberley Orren, of The Island Rooms of Petty Harbour, thinks that they could be. 

Hop aboard the boat with  Journeys correspondent Rebecca Nolan, as she learns about Girls Who Fish, a program dedicated to passing on traditional fishing heritage to the women and girls of Newfoundland. 

Bloor West Village

Toronto's Bloor West Village - a model revitalization showcase

2017 - KCBX Journeys of Discovery

Rebecca Nolan reports from Bloor West Village, a small community of shops in the West End of Toronto.


The tight-knit Bloor West Village community was also the birthplace of the Business Improvement Area model (BIA), which is now used to revitalize and sustain business districts all over the world. 

To learn more about the creation of the BIA, and how it affected Bloor West Village, Rebecca visits with Mr. Alex Ling, gift shop owner and cofounder of the world’s first BIA.


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Girls who fish
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