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Sound Design 

Crafting Sonic worlds you can disapear into

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The Apocrypha Chronicles

The Apocrypha Chronicles is a groundbreaking sci-fi / documentary podcast that uses generative storytelling and audio-drama to illuminate a conversation between our present and our future.

*New Jersey Webfest Finalist for Best Sound Design**

Circus Folk

A Newfoundland sea captain has made devilish deals. To settle his debts he captured Celtic creatures on his journeys, using them as sideshows under a raggedy big top tent. But, these beasts come with consequences - bringing moral corruption to a small town, and forcing his last sailor to struggle with faith, lust, and loyalty.

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The Imaginary Real

One of Canada’s most daring and innovative theatre companies invites you to open an invisible door to a secret landscape of stories – and hear them where they live!

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