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Let the landscape speak for itself

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What is a Soundwalk?

Soundwalks are interactive audio installations that use oral history interviews, music and archival material to transform the ground you walk on into a living story. 

These truly place-based Apps are accessible (for free) from any smartphone. Using GPS triggers, we can create a truly immersive and personal experience that visitors will never forget. 


Users download our 'Soundwalks'  directly from the App Store and are free to explore the town, neighbourhood or park that the walk is created for. 

Like a personal tour guide whispering into your ear, our soundwalks will point out the special places in a town that only the locals know about. 

*Try Chrome for best user experience*

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Our team has also collaborated with award-winning production company Battery Radio on some of their most recent apps.

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Interested in a soundwalk?

Reach out for a free consultation!

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