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Mist Nets and Long Ears

Mist Nets and Long Ears

2019 - Transom Story Workshop Piece

It’s a bad time to be a bat in North America. A fungus called White Nose Syndrome has wiped out 95% of bats on the East Coast. And it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. But something unusual is happening with the bats on Martha’s Vineyard. Reporter Rebecca Nolan takes us to the island. 

Reading Race

Reading Race: Understanding Racial Justice Through Literature

2019 - Transom Story Workshop Piece

Panchita  Peterson has worked most of her adult life addressing racism on Cape Cod. She trained at the National Coalition Building Institute and worked as a Diversity Specialist in schools across the Cape.  Panchita is in her late 70's but came out of retirement a few years ago because she felt like she still had work to do.


The Racial Justice Study Group is held on Thursdays at the Wellfleet Public Library - more information here.

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Project Healing Waters
Flyfishing copy 2Windswept Radio
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Project Healing Waters


2017 - CBC St. John's Newfoundland


A group of Vets using fly fishing as a way to combat symptoms of PTSD.

Shelter Dogs

State prisoners train shelter dogs to be companion animals for veterans with PTSD

2016 - KCBX Newsroom

A group of prisoners at the California Men's Colony (CMC) in San Luis Obispo County are working to train former shelter dogs so that the animals can one day act as companions for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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